Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome, please pay attention to the safety video

I love to travel. I really do. There is something about being an oversized man squeezing into an undersized chair, flying to who knows where, renting a who knows what kind of car, eating great food, meeting different people and watching basketball all over the country.

Yeah, I kind of like my job.

As the grassroots basketball season begins, I wanted to start a blog (who doesn't have blog these days? It's the new iPod.) about where I'm going, where I went, what I saw, what I read, what I listened to and what I ate at the various cities across God's green Earth (or not so green depending on who you talk to).

I hope the blog opens up some journey's to where I go, what I see and what happens in little pockets of the world.

Here is my schedule for April:

April 11-13 Boo Williams Invitational - Hampton, Virginia
April 18-20 Real Deal on the Hill - Fayetteville, Arkansas
April 25-27 King James Shooting Stars Classic - Akron, Ohio

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I actually like two of the three cities on the list. Figure out what those two are.

I'm hoping to read some great books, maybe catch a good movie or two and listen to some new music along the way. I'll blog about it all here in the handy little space on the World Wide Web. Hopefully having this doesn't kill some rare animal in Indonesia because of the energy I spend typing it. Hopefully you get a little peek into my world along the way.

Buckle up, sit back and make sure you watch the safety instructions.


Sarah Young said...

So I can actually hear about what life's like on the road since I'm not so fond of yakking on the phone!? Nice!

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Welcome to the madness! Looking forward to future posts.

Justin Young said...

I've entered the blogisphere. I hate myself.

ljtalley said...

Justin...I never would have thought...welcome welcome!

Cathleen said...

Of course you like the city in Virgina!