Thursday, July 3, 2008

That guy

I was standing in line at the cleaners the other day and I was listening into Johnny McCocky in front of me on his iPhone. Johnny sure was into Johnny. I wasn’t. He was there to pick up his and I quote:

“Um, yeah, wait just a sec.”

“Yeah, Brian. Hold on. I gotta pick up my Polo, extra starched, shirts. I’m going to Boston with Brittany.”

“Um, yeah, I need to pick up my Polos, extra starched. I’m going to Boston with my girlfriend this weekend for the Fourth.”

The Chinese guy behind the counter didn’t have to say much. I knew what he was thinking no matter what language we both spoke.

Complete d-bag.

The Todd, that’s the name I gave him, got his extra starched shirts, paid, talked on his iPhone with Brian, and jumped into his Hyundai and drove off.

Yeah, a Hyundai. I bet The Todd and Brittney are flying on a red-eye that he bought on for $79.

But his shirts look really good. And starched.

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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

I bet he bought his polo shirts at Ross.